FROST was founded June 1st, 2002 by Hans Jørgen Frost. Our story began with a vision of creating a new generation of interior design accessories and architectural hardware where the Danish design tradition and functionality go hand in hand.

Over the past 20 years FROST has grown into something that we could never have imagined.  It never crossed our minds that we would join the inner circle of established design companies. We now dare to dream big, and our vision is to become the market leader. We work tirelessly every day, consistently providing the timeless design to compliment your lifestyle and enhance the feel-good factor in your lives.



At FROST, we believe that independent designers improve our design and product development. They inspire and encourage us to think ahead, leading us into new product areas and designs.

Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to introduce new products successfully into the world of the FROST range. We work with the renowned Danish design studio Bønnelycke mdd and the Danish design duo Busk+Hertzog. With their design experience, we are able to bring changes within our field while creating beautiful designs that are built to last and to love for generations.



FROST has been awarded numerous prestigious international design awards for our cutting edge design. It is an outstanding achievement for a young and progressive company such as FROST to have received such international recognition, which has established the FROST brand on the international design scene. Since 2008 FROST’s designs have received numerous awards including Red Dot Awards, IF Design Awards, Good Design awards, German Design awards and many others.



We do our utmost to inspire architects, interior designers, and anyone else who is looking for designs to create complete solutions within the realm of bathroom, kitchen and wardrobe interior design. Having started from scratch in 2002, we now offer a full range of interior accessories in the nine FROST finishes; Brushed Stainless, Brushed Copper, Brushed Gold, Brushed Black, Polished Copper, Polished Gold, Matt Black and Matt White. The nine finishes together with the beautiful designs makes the FROST range a perfect interior solution with endless new possibilities.



Our mission is to design and manufacture high-quality interior accessories that will last for generations. We have a long-term, sustainable approach where the focus is on creating timeless designs with high durability, that are easy to maintain and will be a part of the building architecture. Designing for longevity and product attachment is the best example of sustainable thinking and FROST will continue to maintain this strategy in the future.



At FROST, we work hard every day to continue to develop our position as a progressive design brand representing the best in the Danish design tradition. FROST will always focus on being an innovative and trustworthy design brand that manufactures excellent interior accessories in stainless steel. By staying true to our design heritage and investing in the future of the FROST brand by continuing the development of new inspirational designs, FROST will play its part in influencing and inspiring the international interior design scene.


"We seek to challenge ourselves. Do something more and do it better. Do something different.”

- CEO & Founder Hans Jørgen Frost


FROST also seeks to maintain its close and trustworthy connections with its partners while establishing new and valuable partnerships across borders. FROST believes that our employees and organisation are our greatest assets and we believe our shared experience, teamwork and passion will secure the future of the FROST brand.



"The story is being told... 
and you are a part of it."