Established June 1st, 2002 by Hans Jørgen Frost

FROST was founded on June 1st, 2002 with the vision and dream of making a new generation of design accessories and architectural hardware. Developing designs where form follows function.

Founding the new Generation

All efforts have been at providing architects, interior designers as well as home & business owners with beautiful, minimalist, Danish designs. The design philosophy has always been to create a package with lasting designs that stay functional and classy throughout centuries.

Many of the FROST designs have already been in existence for more than ten years and they still look brand new. This generation where everything looks up to date is an important value in the FROST identity and is what makes the brand unique.

Collaboration with external Designers 

Hans Jørgen Frost has collaborated with experienced and innovative external designers. His first one was Bønnelycke MDD and later on the design duo Busk+Herzog, all of whom he is still working with today. The external designers have been adding great knowledge to the development in high end, quality designs and the collaboration enables FROST to think ahead, leading FROST into new areas and ideas. Still, it is easy to see how every single FROST product matches the entire line. Each product has been carefully thought through and has been developed to be multifunctional, where styling options are wide.

Developing the complete interior design solution 

Starting from handles and architectural hardware in 2002, FROST today covers the wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen, living room and lots of other spaces with characteristic designs, where the FROST design philosophy has been and still is to make timeless and beautiful products. That is why FROST is introducing new areas to the existing collections.

Joining the Inner Circle

Becoming a trend setter, leading brand and well-known company is difficult in interior design with the range of existing old companies that has been in the industry for a long time. It is however with great honour and pride that today we can announce ourselves as part of that inner circle in many regions and countries. FROST has the ambition of providing high quality, innovative and trustworthy designs and furthermore be the leading interior styling option, so modern spaces have a sleek, minimalist and luxurious expression. Hans Jørgen Frost and the team are working tirelessly every day to continually provide you with the best designs and products that compliments your lifestyle and enhancing the “feel-good” factor in your life. 

Hans Jørgen Frost created together with the external designers the notable company character that is clearly expressed throughout the entire product line and he has always kept confidence in it. He is continuously working on bringing his products to you throughout the world with loyalty and respect to customers around the globe. It is the FROST mission to keep the incredible style where service, innovation and quality is absolutely key.


"The story is being told... 
and you are a part of it."