Do you regret your purchase and wish to return your item? Please contact us at or on telephone: +45 87 61 00 32 beforehand. We will return as quickly as possible with the information on what you must do to return your commodity. This is important, since aberrations can increase our processing time and it will take longer time before we can return your money to you. 

30 days right of return
At FROST A/S we offer you 30 days right of return. The right of return is calculated from that day you receive your commodity. If you regret your purchase, you should return the commodity in significant same condition and quantity as when you received it. The right of return ceases if you return the commodity in such a way that the value is significant degraded.

How you regret your purchase
If you regret your purchase you can send the commodity to:

Frost A/S
Bavne Alle 32
8370 Hadsten

You can regret your purchase if you deny the delivery or by delivering the commodity personally at our office within our opening hours. 
If you regret your purchase of a commodity you are responsible for the delivery costs yourself upon the return to us. This applies to denying the delivery of the commodity as well. 

What must be returned?
When you return a commodity to us you are kindly asked to enlighten your delivery number or order number as well as writing a short description of why you wish to return your item. If we have the following information we can execute the process. 

By the purchase the original packing is a significant part of the value of the item. For that reason, you should return the packing. When the commodity is received, controlled and approved in our warehouse we will refund the purchase price to you within a few days. 

It is very important that the commodity is properly wrapped up upon shipping. 
Please note!! We do not receive packages delivered per cash on delivery or the like. 

In the case of agreed discounts or prepaid commodities which are cancelled before shipping, a full or part of the purchase will be refunded depending on the agreement.  

We always refund to the account belonging to the credit card which was used doing the purchase. Do you wish to receive the money refunded on a different account, you should send your account information to us. It can take up to 10 workdays before you receive your refund.