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Press and Copyright


Pack shots and high-res pictures will be send by request to 

Interviews and releases will as well be arranged through



Permission for use of FROST content and photographic imagery 

should be granted by FROST A/S and meet the following conditions:


1. Content and images are available for download and use by FROST authorized partners only. Use by others only upon prior written authorization by FROST.

2. Content and images may not be copied, sold, distributed, made available or otherwise transferred without prior written consent by FROST.

3. Content and images may only be used for the promotion and sale of original FROST products.

4. Each use of the Images must be accompanied by the following credit line and notice: "Copyright FROST A/S. Unauthorized use not permitted".

5. FROST reserves the right to withdraw the permission for use of the content and images at FROST sole discretion. Upon receiving such notice all use of the Images shall cease immediately.