UNU Series

The UNU system encompasses furnishing products for closets, hallways and living rooms. The edging profile, characteristic of the series, bestows a slender and elegant look while providing endless possibilities for a well-defined and complete expression.

The series consists of shelves, wardrobe shelves, mirrors, hangers as well as a shoe/magazine rack and book supports in three assorted sizes to match the different heights of the shelves.

The fun part of this simple shelf & wardrobe system is to make the puzzle – How many shelves? Different lengths and depth? Mounted close to each other or wide a part? One color or two? Up or down? The design is brilliant and as Scandinavian as it comes! It is simplicity at its best …

The UNU System is made from solid 4mm powder coated aluminum, black or white, with hooks and bars in polished, copper or gold finish. The UNU System is available in either 150, 600 or 1000mm lengths.

Since both the UNU shelves and the wardrobes are mounted on the same wall bracket, all items can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements, the shelves may even be turned upside down - The UNU System is truly a modular system. The hanger is manufactured in black rubber with a polished, copper or gold head.

Design: Bønnelycke MDD

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