FROST - Step Ladder

Step ladder

The award-winning BUKTO Step Ladder from FROST Denmark is the design approach to a step ladder. For that reason, it has been awarded the IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. Reach the cabinets or shelves in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or wherever you might need a Step Ladder. The BUKTO Step Ladder is very stable and foldable in order to be put away. Furthermore, it also functions as a bar chair and is easily combinable with the Wishbone Bar Table.

Regarding the design of the BUKTO Step Ladder, it draws its inspirations from the step ladders you could typically find at the local grocery store or homes in the first half of the 20th century in Denmark and much of Europe. Together with the designer Henrik Bønnelycke, FROST wants to emphasize the tradition of craftsmanship from that period and bring the Step Ladder into the life of people with an emphasis on good design and high quality.

The BUKTO Step Ladder is available in black or white and can handle a load of 120 kg (264 lbs).

Design: Bonnelycke MDD

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