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The Frost Pedal Bin. No story, simply design.

The pedal bin plays a vital role in modern interior design. It is a visible feature of every bathroom and kitchen. Our lifestyles demand that high standards of hygiene and functionality go hand in hand with elegant design. Frost has spent two years redesigning the pedal bin. We have innovated and created a new generation of pedal bin with a clean, minimalist design expression that every contemporary décor deserves.

We set out to create an original pedal bin that, clashing neither physically nor visually, blends seamlessly into a stringent stylish interior. The Frost Pedal Bin melts into the overall impression while solidly fulfilling its practical functions.

The Frost NOVA2 product range allows you consistently to adhere to your interior design strategy from start to finish. Asking Bønnelycke MDD to design the new pedal bin and include it in the broad product range was an obvious step for us to take*. The stylish Frost Pedal Bin has strong roots in the Danish design tradition. It encapsulates the spirit of our time and blends perfectly into any contemporary interior.

We have done our utmost to re-examine every detail of the pedal bin. It has concealed fittings, a slow and silent soft close-lid that conceals the bag and a lifting mechanism that discreetly pushes the inner bin up for easier replacement and bag insertion. The Frost Pedal Bin is made of 100% stainless steel with black or white powder-lacquer coating on both outer and inner bins to create a uniform product inside and out. The details add a slick and luxurious touch to the design and function of the bin.

The pedal bin lid has a charm all of its own: Slide your fingers along its conical edge and the smooth, organic shape of the lid seems to invite you to lift it.

The lid edge changes shape from narrow at the rear to wide at the front. The edge seems almost magically to form the outlines of a stylish smiley as it opens and closes. Essentially, the design reminds us to focus on things that make us happy.

The Frost Pedal Bin is available in black and white. The lid will be available in a choice of six unique finishes; all surfaces brushed or polished using advanced techniques – to give the pedal bin its highly distinctive look. Choose exclusive copper, elegant gold, classic silver, universal brushed, matt black or matt white.

Whether you decorate and style your home as a private individual or work as a professional designing interiors for others, lifestyle, preferences and mindset impact all your choices. It’s what makes you – "you". It brings personality and excitement to the layout of everything you touch in a bathroom, kitchen or office. The Frost Pedal Bin gives you the freedom to choose excellence.

With sleek graphic lines softened by the magical smile and all the subtlety needed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, we designed the Frost Pedal Bin for modern spaces in all types of architecture and interiors. Its outstanding design, materials and finish make the Frost Pedal Bin 'best in class'. Use it year after year – it comes with a 10-year warranty. Frost is uncompromising quality that lasts.

"There is nothing short-lived about Frost’s designs. He takes his time and observes the new trends. He brings us new angles that look good and meet hard-core requirements.” Interior design MDD, Marianne Fryland, Dynamo Studio.

* NOVA2 appeals to everyone - from the discerning quality-conscious consumer looking for a complete interior design line to the architect in search of durable high-end design that meets the highest standards of hygiene and function – including guarantees on all colours and surfaces. Rooted firmly in the Danish design tradition, Bønnelycke MDD has designed the NOVA2 range, which comprises more than 50 different products including soap dispensers, toilet brushes, hooks and a towel rail.