Established 1st June 2002 by Hans Jørgen Frost.
FROST was founded on June 1st, 2002 with the vision and dream of making a new generation of interior design accessories and architectural hardware. Developing designs where form follows function.

The New Generation
We are concentrating all our efforts to provide the inspiration and ideas for the complete interior design solution for architects, interior designers or anybody looking for a certain style. Unfortunately, in today’s ever-changing world, when you look around there are so many companies who are afraid of change, they are stuck in their old ways and live in the past with their old-fashion image. Some constantly search for their identity, but we are here, alive and kicking...

External Designers
Frost invited new designers to identify innovative product ideas to meet current consumer needs. Today, we work with the experienced design company Bønnelycke MDD and the design duo Busk+Hertzog.

At Frost, we believe the external designers add more to our development than having our own design team. They challenge us and make us think ahead, leading us into new areas and ideas. This is the reason how we have managed to add so many new design lines to appeal to a broader range of consumer markets. Whilst the cylindrical form can be seen in many of the existing products in the market, the current Frost collection also includes several different designs, both square and softer shapes.

Working with external designers gives us better, new ideas and inspiration for the changing world. It is about creating the future.

The Complete Interior Design Solution
Starting from nothing in 2002, we now cover a full range of interior designs with several ranges in various materials and shapes, but with one design philosophy: “Keep it simple. Do not try to be something you are not. It is better to surprise than to disappoint!”

The Vision
The vision of being the trend setter, the leading brand and company in the interior design accessories was, we thought, too big a dream to dream so soon. We did not imagine to enter the inner circle of old established design companies so quickly, or to be mentioned and exhibiting in the same design centres with the very best design, market leading furniture and hardware companies.

Now though, we dare to dream big and to have such a vision. We are working tirelessly every day to continually provide you with the best designs and products to compliment your lifestyle, enhancing the feel-good factor in your lives.

Our Mission
We want to make FROST the preferred brand and product range for residential, office, hotel as well as other public and private building projects. Frost has the vision to be the most innovative, trend setting, “ahead of its time” brand design house based on the Scandinavian design philosophy, in which the best designers in the world have the desire to work for.

Brand Values
We aim to have high quality design, be innovative and trustworthy and to be the brand that never promises too much, but gives you more than you expect.

It takes 10 Years to Make an Overnight Success
There are several reasons how we managed to get the business growing and how we will continue to grow. First, we have our own designs, products, identity and image. The Brand has built up to where it is based upon respect, because all of us at Frost and our partners worldwide, work for you our valued customer.

The Biggest Achievement.
From being an alternative supplier to being the main supplier is our greatest achievement. Our customers come from all over the world to visit us and show us their confidence and trust in our efforts. We will continue to do our very best.


"The story is being told... 
and you are a part of it."