Design busk+hertzog

Wishbone hall stand

- modern and elegant hall stand

Introducing Wishbone, the award winning Danish designers busk+hertzog have created a modern and unconventional hall stand. This coat stand is both charismatic and poetic in its appearance.

The purist replication of a tree trunk with branches acted as inspiration for theis design idea. Wihsbone is versatile and usable in both private homes as well as public environments, in particular in atruims, office spaces, entrance ereas or sleeping rooms. In both cases Wishbone will appear sculptural, and add excitement to modern spaces.

Aside from the well thoughtout functionality, another crucial factor with regard to colour combination and material quality was that Wishbone was supossed to create additional optical incentives in the modern spaces. In the upper part of the stand the material combination strives for a cool impression in polished stainless steel look while the podium and the bars are made of powder-coated steel in black, white, red, lime green or brushed stainlees steel look.

The colour combinations and the quality material make Wishbone suitable for everywhere from atriums, offices, hall ways and bed rooms.


Top: stainless steel, polished or copper (only with black or white bars)

Podium and bars: powder coated steel in black, white, red, and lime green or brushed stainless steel look.