Design busk + hertzog

LULU 60 + 80mm

Inspired by an open flower LULU comes to full blossom on your wall. Lulu is a coat hook/rack on which hangers, jackets, umbrellas, bags, scarves etc. can be placed decoratively and practically. Lulu comes in 5 different sizes/depths and can be used as a "flower" bouquet on the wall... the combination and the lay-out is entirely up to each individual end-user and his/her creativity, resulting in every installation being entirely dirrerent. Or it can be used more traditionally as single items. Lulu has a finish in lacquer, which gives a soft matte feel to the product, just like a velvet feeling from a flower leaf. The shape of Lulu is welcoming, warm and positive an is therefore perfect for the wardrobe, the hallway og even you living room.

Material: aluminium