design busk+hertzog

Camouflage foto

- create your own wall sculpture

in designing Camouflage, top desingers busk+hertzog have created a sort of wall sculpture that encourages the consumers´ own creativity. As wall-mounted hanging system, camouflage can be flexibly used; according to damands and availabile spaces.

Camouflage is a wall mounted coat rack that can be mounted with 3 different distances from the wall. It comes in a wide range of colours and can be oriente in countless ways. the infinite possibilities leaves you with a opportunity to create your own 3-dimensional wall decoration, while giving you plenty of storage for coats, umbrellas, scarves and bags. Aside from its multifunctionality, the plainness of this design idea stands out positively. Camouflage consists of powder-coated steel; in singel elements are available in the colours: dark grey, black, white, olive green, lime, plum and yellow. Furthermord available in brushed and polished steel. The racks can be mounted in 35m 50 or 65mm distance from the wall.....

Unique in thought and function, genius in simplicity.

Material: powder coated steel in colours dark grey, black, white, olive green, lime, plum and yellow. Furthermore in brushed and polished steel.